Finders Seekers recruitment process

Every recruit­ment pro­cess is slightly dif­fer­ent, but in a typ­ic­al case the stages for you as a soft­ware developer would look like this:

1. You find one of our open pos­i­tions inter­est­ing and con­tact us – altern­at­ively, we find you inter­est­ing for one of our open pos­i­tions, and con­tact you. After going over the main points of the role and your interests on the phone, assum­ing we both feel it’s a match, we’ll agree on a meet­ing to talk face to face.

2. Meet­ing with Find­ers Seekers. The point of this meet­ing is for you to get a good under­stand­ing of the role and what it could offer you, and for us to hear more about what you’re inter­ested in to see if the role could be a good fit. Our aim is to make sure your next career step is in the right dir­ec­tion – if it sounds like this role isn’t the right place for you, we’ll tell it straight, and think about what could be a bet­ter match con­sid­er­ing your ambi­tions.

3. Meet­ing with your poten­tial future employ­er. After find­ing you the right pos­i­tion, the next step is hav­ing a dis­cus­sion with the com­pany in ques­tion (we’ll be by your side every step of the way). You’ll get to meet the people there, and get a deep­er under­stand­ing of what the work would look like for you. This is a time of two-sided eval­u­ation – does the com­pany meet your stand­ards, and are you what the com­pany is look­ing for? Did we find a match?

4. Tech­nic­al dis­cus­sions. Of course, it’s not enough that you just like each oth­er and the role sounds inter­est­ing; the tech­nic­al side needs to be a match as well. Are your devel­op­ment styles and ways of work­ing com­ple­ment­ary? Is your skill level right for this role? This is the time to go deep­er into the tech side and meet more of your future col­leagues.

5. Offer nego­ti­ation and sign­ing the con­tract. Get­ting close to the fin­ish line! Through­out the dis­cus­sions, our aim is to find the best match both ways – a big part of this is mak­ing sure you get an offer you’re happy with. Once everything is agreed on and you’ve set a start date with your new employ­er, all that’s left to do is cel­eb­rate! Lunch is on us, we’re eager to hear how things have star­ted off in your new role 🙂

If you haven’t been there yet, you can check out the open pos­i­tions from here.