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We need a software developer to start yesterday!”

Does that sound familiar?

We’ll find you the right tal­ent in the IT Industry — they won’t start yes­ter­day (because that’s impossible), but you won’t have to wait long. In addi­tion to tra­di­tion­al recruit­ment, part of our stand­ard ser­vice is to con­tinu­ously seek ways for your organ­iz­a­tion to become more tal­ent-driv­en.

Executive search is where our utmost skills lie.

We can confidently say we are Finland’s best IT recruitment team.

Find Talent with Us

Need help find­ing a coder, product own­er, or CTO? Maybe an SEO or digit­al mar­ket­ing spe­cial­ist? Our exec­ut­ive search recruit­ment pro­cess is sound and effi­cient, from case defin­i­tion to ensur­ing a great cul­tur­al fit of the new addi­tion to your team. Hav­ing a large net­work of pro­fes­sion­als in the IT industry, in both domest­ic and inter­na­tion­al mar­kets, makes our pro­cess fast and trust­worthy. You only get one shot to nail a first impres­sion — we under­stand the import­ance of present­ing your organ­iz­a­tion in a favour­able light. Before con­tact­ing any­one, we make sure to know your busi­ness well enough to feel con­fid­ent in under­stand­ing your true needs, and how to talk about you.

Our Recruitment Process in a Nutshell

Spe­cify­ing the role require­ments with the hir­ing team.
Research­ing and con­tact­ing our net­works to find suit­able can­did­ates.
Screen­ing for tech and cul­tur­al matches, as well as an interest towards the role.
Can­did­ates sent for the hir­ing team’s review.
End-to-end inter­view pro­cess facil­it­a­tion.
End dis­cus­sion — provid­ing feed­back to you from the can­did­ate mar­ket.
Provid­ing you with con­crete sug­ges­tions to strengthen your tal­ent acquis­i­tion and reten­tion efforts.

The heart of our recruitment service

  • An effi­cient pro­cess from our side — a smooth ride for you.
  • The abil­ity to screen tech skills.
  • We always present three can­did­ates that match the pro­file.
  • Rep­res­ent­ing your com­pany with the same delib­er­a­tion as we would our own.
  • Con­crete sug­ges­tions to enhance your recruit­ment pro­cesses.
  • Open com­mu­nic­a­tion with our cli­ent organ­iz­a­tions. Always!
  • Flex­ib­il­ity and strong expert­ise com­bined with hav­ing fun!

Talent Management Consulting

Organ­iz­a­tions need tal­ent in order to sur­vive. The emphas­is of smooth people pro­cesses grows as you want to be able to both attract and retain your people.  Find­ers Seekers forms the bridge between you and the extern­al tal­ent pool; we help you strengthen the bridge by shap­ing up your recruit­ment and tal­ent man­age­ment pro­cesses. With Find­ers Seekers lead­ing the way, we take steps towards being a tal­ent-driv­en organ­iz­a­tion togeth­er! Being a tal­ent-driv­en organ­iz­a­tion means being a place where the people are at the heart of every func­tion and sup­port the ulti­mate busi­ness goal.

How does it work?

  • Firstly, Find­ers Seekers ana­lyzes the cur­rent state of your tal­ent man­age­ment efforts, and iden­ti­fies future needs.
  • Secondly, Find­ers Seekers, togeth­er with you, plans employ­er brand­ing and intern­al tal­ent man­age­ment activ­it­ies to match the busi­ness need.
  • Thirdly, exe­cu­tion of the plan.
  • Con­tinu­ously, adjust­ing the plan togeth­er along the way.

What’s your headache with recruitment?

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