International recruitment

We’ll help you to recruit and relocate international talent.

Are you con­sid­er­ing hir­ing the first inter­na­tion­al tal­ent to your com­pany, either from Fin­land or from abroad? Or per­haps you are already steps ahead and have an inter­na­tion­al work­ing envir­on­ment, but could use some extra hands?

To build the world’s best products and ser­vices, you need to have the world’s best tal­ent. Find­ing the right tal­ent is cru­cial and cur­rently, 26% of all com­pan­ies in Fin­land find it very dif­fi­cult to find tal­ent. In addi­tion, 41% find it some­what dif­fi­cult.

Let’s do this togeth­er!

Why international recruitment?

  • There is a chance the pool of IT tal­ent in Fin­land is not enough to fill your recruit­ment needs. If you want the best, think glob­ally!
  • Diverse tal­ent makes your com­pany stronger!
  • There’s great tal­ent out­side Fin­land who would be happy to relo­cate here if giv­en the chance.
  • For humble Finnish people this might feel weird; Why would someone want to relo­cate to Fin­land? This is why:
    • The hap­pi­est, most stable, and safest coun­try in the world.
    • The strongest digit­al-know­ledge cap­it­al in Europe.
    • The edu­ca­tion and health care sys­tem!
    • Fin­land is ranked the best coun­try for expat fam­il­ies.
    • Not to men­tion thou­sands of lakes, mämmi, Santa Claus, sauna, Kimi Räikkön­en, kalsarikän­nit, and sisu.

How can we help?

Relo­cat­ing is a life chan­ging factor for the new employ­ee (and their fam­ily). By offer­ing your can­did­ates a smooth relo­ca­tion exper­i­ence, you are already a win­ner!

Work­ing with us you will…

  • Have a trust­worthy part­ner for find­ing, hir­ing and pre-on-board­ing inter­na­tion­al tal­ent
  • Know exactly what to take into account when hir­ing from abroad, from paper­work pro­cessing to cul­ture man­age­ment.
  • Get the best tal­ent in the world
  • Have a bet­ter relo­ca­tion exper­i­ence, both you and the can­did­ate

By work­ing with us you don’t need to stress about…

  • Res­id­ence per­mits
  • Pre-on-board­ing about things to see in Hel­sinki, work­ing cul­ture, hol­i­day sys­tem, tax­a­tion etc.
  • Not hav­ing enough time
  • Cul­ture add and motiv­a­tion

We’ll guide you and let you decide how we can sup­port you in the best pos­sible way!

Our relocation services:

  • First-hand inform­a­tion on immig­ra­tion and required regis­tra­tions
  • Visa applic­a­tions, res­id­ence per­mits, loc­al regis­tra­tions
  • Over­view of social secur­ity, tax­a­tion, bank mat­ters, hous­ing, insur­ances etc.
  • For the new employ­ee, the usage of Finland’s first digit­al relo­ca­tion guide — Pock­et Relo
  • Assist­ing with set­tling in Fin­land  (e.g. apart­ment, day­care, schools, hob­bies)
  • Flights and accom­mod­a­tion
  • Fin­land and work envir­on­ment spe­cif­ic guid­ance through­out the recruit­ment pro­cess


Please leave your con­tact details here, and we will con­tact you soon or con­tact Bea Gran­dell straight at bea(at)


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