As a juni­or IT recruit­er, I have star­ted to break some of the myths or expect­a­tions that I had about my work when I star­ted. Here are three things that are not as one can ima­gine when start­ing in this field:

 1. EXPECTATION: A recruit­ment part­ner acts as a mere vendor that sends can­did­ates into cli­ents.

This is cer­tainly true for cer­tain agen­cies but let’s make it clear, not for the good ones! The role of a recruit­ment part­ner is to be a sort of an exten­ded HR unit that takes care of the first steps of the pro­cess. That requires close cooper­a­tion between the parties, flu­ent com­mu­nic­a­tion and know­ledge of what the work of the can­did­ate would look like in prac­tice.

2. EXPECTATION: The work is done once the right per­son is found.

There is a big amount of work involved in sourcing, screen­ing, inter­view­ing and arran­ging the first inter­views at the cli­ent. How­ever, the way until the per­son starts in their role is still long. Sup­port­ing both parties dur­ing the offer stage and facil­it­at­ing the accept­ance and sign­ing of the con­tract is a crit­ic­al part that, if left unat­ten­ded, can ruin the whole pro­cess. The mar­ket is very com­pet­it­ive, many developers are already hap­pily employed and chan­ging jobs always has a risk. For that reas­on, we should not under­value the import­ance of this second stage of the recruit­ment.

3.EXPECTATION: An IT recruit­er should know a lot about soft­ware devel­op­ment.

A good under­stand­ing of how IT pro­cesses work and what the dif­fer­ent types of developers do is very help­ful to under­stand the role. How­ever, as you go through the dif­fer­ent roles (back-end developer, archi­tect, sys­tem admin­is­trat­or, mobile developer…) you start to see that there are many com­mon­al­it­ies. That is, in an inter­view, you can ask engin­eers to tell about their pro­jects, team dynam­ics and career ambi­tions. There is no need to know how to code to be able to qual­i­fy a developer, it’s enough to have a good over­view of the dif­fer­ent IT roles and ask a few ques­tions that are spe­cif­ic to each of them.

Find­ers Seekers also arranges recruit­ment train­ing and last year we organ­ized an IT recruit­ment train­ing espe­cially hand­ling the above-men­tioned mat­ters.

Would you be inter­ested in learn­ing more about IT recruit­ment?  You can con­tact us here, tell us a little bit more about your needs and we will get back to you with more inform­a­tion.