Recruitment Training

Revolutionizing Recruitment

Our mis­sion is to rethink, and thus be part of, revo­lu­tion­iz­ing what is tra­di­tion­ally meant by recruit­ment. We organ­ize train­ings to share know­ledge and best prac­tices about mod­ern ways of recruit­ing. The­ory and prac­tice, real-life case examples, we’ve got it all! We’ll provide you with new ideas, con­cepts and tools to enhance your organization’s recruit­ment efforts. At the end of the day, you should be the best at find­ing and recruit­ing people for your organ­iz­a­tion, and we can help you get there!  

Examples of Our Training Sessions

  • What’s hap­pen­ing in the IT scene in Fin­land; how does it affect your recruit­ment and tal­ent man­age­ment pro­cesses?
  • IT ter­min­o­logy: talk­ing the same lan­guage with IT pro­fes­sion­als
  • The Exec­ut­ive Search meth­od­o­logy; activ­at­ing your recruit­ment approach
  • Recruit­ment mar­ket­ing; what should you tell about your organ­iz­a­tion to poten­tial can­did­ates?
  • From coordin­at­or to stra­tegic advisor — util­iz­ing the real value recruit­ment can bring to your organ­iz­a­tion
The train­ing ses­sions are tar­geted to any indi­vidu­al or team deal­ing with recruit­ment in their organ­iz­a­tion.

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Recruit a Recruiter

+ Onboarding as a Service

  Is your organ­iz­a­tion miss­ing an IT recruit­er? Our Recruit a Recruit­er ser­vice is for organ­iz­a­tions who are plan­ning on estab­lish­ing or grow­ing their intern­al IT recruit­ment func­tion.

How it Works

  • Find­ers Seekers finds a suit­able can­did­ate for your needs
  • This per­son attends our two-week onboard­ing pro­gram into the world of mod­ern recruit­ment and dir­ect search
  • Through­out the first year, Find­ers Seekers acts as a ment­or to your new hire — we’ll set monthly goals and address your organization’s recruit­ment needs togeth­er
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