This is us

Have you heard of those three recruiters, who…

  • had such a good time as IT tal­ent acquis­i­tion spe­cial­ists they wanted to start their own busi­ness in the field
  • thought the nature of recruit­ment is much more stra­tegic than often real­ized, and that people should be edu­cated about this
  • insist that tal­ent (=the people) is at the heart of busi­ness, and their mis­sion is to make that a real­ity
  • thought someone should put effort into improv­ing the image of recruit­ment in the eyes of… oh well, every­one!

That’s us; Petra, Saku, and Sofia. A play­ful bunch of people who love what they do!


No boring!




Making the world a better place!


Work hard, laugh hard!


It’s fun to work with us!


Respecting anyone and everyone!


Meet the Dream Team

Petra Erkkilä

Co-Founder, Train­ings

+358 400 653 089

Petra is an exper­i­enced IT recruit­er and tal­ent acquis­i­tion coach. Her play­ful char­ac­ter really makes her the heart of the team. She also makes sure your recruit­ers are devel­op­ing their skills by tak­ing care of our train­ings.

Saku Ruus

Co-Founder, Sales

+358 50 430 7403

Saku star­ted off as an exec­ut­ive search con­sult­ant in the IT industry, and has been work­ing with sales and account man­age­ment for the past years. You can rest assured that you are in cap­able hands with Saku tak­ing care of your tal­ent acquis­i­tion needs.

Sofia Pohls

Co-Founder, CEO

+358 50 548 9128

When it comes to recruit­ment strategy, Sofia has a nat­ur­al tal­ent of see­ing the big pic­ture. Hav­ing her help with your recruit­ment strategy, you can sleep easy know­ing you’ll be imple­ment­ing excel­lent new strategies in no time!

Anna Schoonover

Part­ner, Recruit­ments and RecOps

+358 45 176 2650

If you need to find a developer and you are tight on your timeline, Anna is “your man”. She will help you straight­en up your recruit­ment pro­cess into a can­did­ate friendly shape without com­prom­ising on get­ting the right fit for your organ­iz­a­tion. Anna’s main job at Find­ers Seekers is to bring out the best in our recruit­er team. She is always on the hunt for the latest trends and pas­sion­ate about improv­ing our own pro­cesses and prac­tices for in-house and dir­ect search recruit­ment.

Juan Fernandez

Tal­ent Acquis­i­tion Con­sult­ant

+358 40 7576979

Juan is an enthu­si­ast­ic Tal­ent Acquis­i­tion Con­sult­ant. Apart from the inter­na­tion­al per­spect­ive and valu­able exper­i­ence in sales and mar­ket­ing, Juan brings the sun and warmth from Spain to the Find­ers Seekers team.

Bea Grandell

Tal­ent Acquis­i­tion Con­sult­ant

+358 40 551 4454

Bea is an exper­i­enced IT Tal­ent Acquis­i­tion Spe­cial­ist with a back­ground from in-house IT recruit­ment. She is pas­sion­ate about the IT industry, inter­na­tion­al recruit­ment, employ­er brand­ing and recruit­ment strategy, not to men­tion pink pastries.

Heidi Blomberg

Mar­ket­ing Con­sult­ant

+358 45 803 0707

Heidi is a mar­ket­ing pro­fes­sion­al spe­cial­ized in digit­al mar­ket­ing. She has back­ground in sales and mar­ket­ing. Heidi is tak­ing care of Find­ers Seekers mar­ket­ing efforts but also works with oth­er mar­ket­ing related cases.  


If you are inter­ested in join­ing our fab­ulous team and you wish to be at the front­line of recruit­ment revolu­tion, please con­tact us here!

Seuraa meitä somessa!


Special thanks to

Shan­shan Gong for cap­tur­ing our true spir­it dur­ing our photo shoot: