Rechack — rekrytoinnin hackathon

Toukok­uussa 2018 Find­ers Seekersin Petra ja Sofia bon­ga­s­ivat Linked­In-postauk­sen ensim­mäis­en rekrytoin­nin hack­a­thon­in järjestämisestä. Idean priimus­moot­tor­ina toimi Ori­on­in Susanna Fors­man ja pian olti­inkin kokoon­nuttu ensim­mäis­en ker­ran Ori­on­in pääkont­tor­illa…

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Bea Grandell, Talent Acquisition Partner

Hello there! I’m Bea Gran­dell, Find­ers Seekers’ new­est addi­tion to the team. I’m the weirdo on the train who starts smil­ing when her favour­ite song comes from the head­phones. I’m the nerdy lady who gets excited when talk­ing tech. Pas­sion­ate about the IT industry,…

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Juan Castellano, Talent Acquisition Consultant

I’m ori­gin­ally from Asturi­as, Spain and came to Fin­land as an exchange stu­dent back in 2011. After decid­ing to stay, I have worked in dif­fer­ent mar­ket­ing and sales roles but always in close con­tact with people as that is what I enjoy the most from my work. My biggest hobby is read­ing, which suits per­fectly the long and dark Finnish win­ters. I mostly read con­tem­por­ary fic­tion.

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