Account Manager

We’re look­ing for someone who’s keen on com­bin­ing their tech-savvy­ness with their sales drive, and hav­ing their head in the cloud!

Wheth­er it’s under­stand­ing what the top prom­ises of Google Cloud are for cre­at­ing last­ing busi­ness impact, how to build up data pipelines to drive bet­ter busi­ness decisions, or how the mobile chan­nel can be lever­aged for digit­al engage­ment, you are tech-savvy enough to handle the dis­cus­sions. Or at least have the abil­ity and will­ing­ness to learn.


You are spend­ing most of your time with your cus­tom­ers and our teams with­in them. In addi­tion to deep under­stand­ing of account man­age­ment best prac­tices, you will get to use your pre­vi­ous exper­i­ence in work­ing at mod­ern, prefer­ably large tech­no­logy com­pan­ies. Our teams design and devel­op digit­al ser­vices, run­ning on mod­ern cloud plat­forms, and that’s the envir­on­ment you should also be famil­i­ar with.

Being a true part­ner for our cus­tom­ers, you under­stand how to make your cus­tom­ers’ busi­ness bloom and how to deep­en our cooper­a­tion even fur­ther. There­fore, your work also includes sales with­in your accounts, and, when needed, find­ing new cus­tom­ers from out­side.

What we're looking for

We’re look­ing for someone who has a sol­id account man­age­ment back­ground in the mod­ern tech world. You under­stand the customer’s busi­ness from the fin­ance per­spect­ive, and have, for example, been respons­ible for P/L before. You know how to become a part of the customer’s organ­iz­a­tion and way of work­ing. You eas­ily under­stand the depend­en­cies and how to find the right people to talk with.

Your way of stay­ing in cus­tom­ers’ minds is based on your under­stand­ing of their busi­ness and genu­ine will­ing­ness to sup­port them. You under­stand how and when to take oth­er Qvikies with you in cus­tom­er meet­ings, and how to form a great team for pro­jects. You also want to share your best account prac­tices with oth­er Qvikies, enabling them to become even bet­ter con­sult­ants and mak­ing us stronger as a team.

As a per­son you show what Qvikies are about: friendly, pro­fes­sion­al and ready to sup­port oth­ers.

What we can offer

Our office is loc­ated in the heart of Hel­sinki in Kamppi shop­ping cen­ter office spaces.

We offer our low hier­archy cul­ture; oppor­tun­it­ies to try, fail and suc­ceed; as well as a chance for you to con­cen­trate on your actu­al work. That’s what you would come here for, right?

Our bene­fits pack­age is also pretty nice with flex­ible work­ing hours, the work equip­ment of your choice; lunch coupons; com­muter, cul­ture and sports bene­fits; occu­pa­tion­al health care with extra insur­ance; com­pany-paid mas­sage; and many sports and hobby pos­sib­il­it­ies with oth­er Qvikies.

In addi­tion to many work-related guilds and oth­er devel­op­ment oppor­tun­it­ies, we arrange a lot of intern­al and extern­al get-togeth­ers and events through­out the year, in Fin­land and abroad.

Want to hear more about this oppor­tun­ity? Have a chat with our Tal­ent Aquis­i­tion Coach Juan: +358 40 757 6979 /!

About the company

In 2008, Qvik star­ted out as a group of friends hop­ing to deliv­er saucy code and amaz­ing digit­al ser­vices, yet have an awe­some time while doing so – and the spir­it of those star­tup-like times is still strongly with us. Today we are a team of 70-ish tech-curi­ous, fun-lov­ing prob­lem-solv­ers. We prefer to take the lead and use our expert­ise to make our cli­ents shine. We’ve built ser­vices that have become bench­marks. That’s where our aim was in 2008 and that’s what we now do every day.

Build­ing mean­ing­ful digit­al ser­vices that make an impact and even change the way a whole industry works means con­stantly evolving both as indi­vidu­als and as a col­lect­ive. We stay on top of the latest tech­no­lo­gies and trends by keep­ing close ties with the tech scene through arran­ging and par­ti­cip­at­ing in (a lot of!) meetups and events, hav­ing intern­al guilds and encour­aging every­one to try and share their exper­i­ences. Our sense of com­munity derives from being friends and enjoy­ing each other’s com­pany at and out­side of work. We travel togeth­er, cel­eb­rate togeth­er, share mutu­al interests.

Qvik has a strong back­ground in design­ing & devel­op­ing mobile ser­vices for our cus­tom­ers – but we haven’t stopped there. Today we offer full digit­al solu­tions with robust and scal­able cloud backends.

We hire people who want to do more than just code and design. Qvikies lead, sup­port and make an impact.

We make mean­ing­ful hap­pen.

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