Senior Tech Recruiter/ Talent Coach

One-of-a-kind organ­iz­a­tions deserve one-of-a-kind tal­ent acquis­i­tion solu­tions. To thrive in an increas­ingly com­pet­it­ive employ­ment mar­ket, you need to be tal­ent-driv­en!

Our mis­sion is to help you real­ize your organization’s poten­tial in the job mar­ket and, with con­crete steps, devel­op your com­pany from a “tal­ent-chooser” to a “tal­ent-driv­en” organ­iz­a­tion.


You engage in con­ver­sa­tions that aim to find out the next Tal­ent Acquis­i­tion solu­tion the organ­iz­a­tion needs our expert­ise with. These ser­vices include employ­er brand­ing, recruit­er train­ing, recruit­ment events, RecOps and can­did­ate exper­i­ence improve­ment.

You get to have mul­tiple hats such a:

  • Tal­ent Acquis­i­tion coach­ing
  • Attract­ing and Select­ing can­did­ates
  • Find­ing dif­fer­ent solu­tions for our cur­rent cus­tom­ers’ chal­lenges
  • Net­work­ing and attend­ing an inter­est­ing event
  • Devel­op­ing your­self and our busi­ness

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  1. You know how to do IT Dir­ect Search
  2. You know how to take care of an End-to-End Recruit­ment pro­cess from sourcing can­did­ates and get­ting the specs right with the hir­ing man­ager to the “Yes, I want this job!”
  3. You have some exper­i­ence or a strong pas­sion to devel­op in one of the fol­low­ing areas:
    • IT recruit­ment train­ing
    • Employ­er brand­ing
    • Recruit­ment pro­cess improve­ment
    • Account man­age­ment and upselling

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With us, you get to do IT Dir­ect Search in a data-driv­en way, act­ing as a long-term tal­ent acquis­i­tion part­ner rather than just a recruit­ment vendor provid­ing an end­less stream of CV’s.  We devel­op togeth­er with our cli­ents and offer stra­tegic, hol­ist­ic ser­vices besides dir­ect search and recruit­ment. Ser­vices arise from cus­tom­ers’ needs, there­fore it is import­ant that you have a genu­ine desire to help organ­iz­a­tions.

What I love about work­ing at Find­ers Seekers is that I get to help cli­ents (and can­did­ates and the com­munity) in sooooo many ways. One cli­ent is in need of find­ing the right tal­ent, anoth­er employ­er brand­ing, and third set­ting up their recruit­ment prac­tices, choos­ing ATS sys­tems and coach­ing all Hir­ing Man­agers. Not to men­tion, that my co-work­ers rock! — Bea Gran­dell, Seni­or Recruit­er, Tal­ent Coach at Find­ers Seekers

Please apply (or just gen­er­ally start talk­ing with us) in any way most con­veni­ent for you or wow us in a non­con­ven­tion­al way.

Get in touch with me:

Anna Schoonover; anna[at], +358451762650 or via Linked­in.


Find­ers Seekers will find the right can­did­ates in the IT and Digit­al industry while strength­en­ing the organization’s own recruit­ment cap­ab­il­it­ies with our diverse train­ing port­fo­lio and con­sultat­ive tal­ent man­age­ment ser­vices.

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