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Since 2008, we at Qvik have been build­ing mobile exper­i­ences for con­sumers, e.g. in the fields of media, fin­ance, travel and mobil­ity, and retail. If you’ve used Yle Uutis­vahti media ser­vices or MaaS Global’s Whim app for com­mut­ing, booked trips through Aurinko­matkat, traveled with Tallink Silja or used Sanoma’s Aku Ankka Lataamo app to read car­toons, our developers and design­ers have been there to cre­ate your iOS and/or Android exper­i­ence. We also sup­por­ted our cus­tom­er St1 to bring Apple Pay to Fin­land by build­ing St1 Finance’s mobile app and infra­struc­ture as well as the Apple Pay integ­ra­tion. We are also cur­rently cooper­at­ing with major Finnish com­pan­ies in the fields of, for example, fin­ance and logist­ics, on ser­vices that most Finns will be using in the near future.

Do these sound like pro­jects you would have liked to work on? If so, come and work with our next ones!


We expect a lot from Qvikies because we believe that if you have high expect­a­tions, you also deliv­er bet­ter and devel­op faster. In addi­tion to shar­ing our vis­ion of a com­pany cul­ture, the level of pro­fes­sion­al­ism and core skills have to be high. We expect you to be used to recom­mend­ing and com­par­ing dif­fer­ent tech or design solu­tions. You gladly bounce your ideas with your col­leagues and ment­or juni­ors. Based on your expert­ise, you can take the lead in pro­jects. You also under­stand the nature of the con­sult­ing busi­ness and what it is like to work as a con­sult­ant. We also expect you to ask ques­tions, take chances, be silly and be your­self. That’s all.

What we're looking for

Your tech skills should heav­ily rely on Object­ive-C or Swift. You should also have good Finnish skills. Exper­i­ence in any oth­er lan­guages, plat­forms, tech­no­lo­gies or envir­on­ments is a def­in­ite plus for you as a future Qvikie. Respons­ive design and nat­ive apps are the things that make you tick. Any apps already in the store will show a good case for your exper­i­ence. Seni­or­ity in lead­ing pro­jects, mas­ter­ing agile meth­od­o­lo­gies, and pas­sion for solv­ing mul­ti­fa­ceted tech prob­lems is a def­in­ite plus.

Also, the abil­ity to thrive in a multi-vendor envir­on­ment and seam­lessly work­ing togeth­er with both your team and the cus­tom­er are things that we truly appre­ci­ate. Usu­ally, most of the work occurs at our cus­tom­ers’ premises, so hav­ing ini­ti­at­ive, self-dis­cip­line and being act­ive are import­ant in terms of your own devel­op­ment and pro­ject suc­cess.

But, in the end, we are not look­ing for super­her­oes. Just nor­mal, skilled, fun-to-work-with kinda people who want to share their tal­ent but also con­stantly learn more through work­ing with exper­i­enced col­leagues. The kind of people who con­sider the sky as their lim­it. The kind of people who have goals and the abil­ity to get there.

What we can offer

This part is clear: we offer some pretty cool pro­jects for our developers and design­ers. Some of our latest pro­jects have been related to, for example, mobil­ity and travel, pay­ments and machine learn­ing.

A big part of our com­pet­ence devel­op­ment comes through every­day work, but we also have guilds, meetups and coach­ing to sup­port Qvikies in their pro­fes­sion­al growth. Our bene­fits pack­age is nice and extens­ive, includ­ing lunch, sports and cul­ture coupons; com­muter bene­fit;  work equip­ment of your choice and phone sub­scrip­tion; occu­pa­tion­al health care with extra insur­ances; mas­sage at the office; annu­al employ­ee bonus; and many sports and hobby pos­sib­il­it­ies with oth­er Qvikies. In spring 2019, we will also have a villa in Maur­i­ti­us for Qvikies and their fam­il­ies to share to have a hol­i­day or work remotely.

Want to hear more about this oppor­tun­ity, have a chat with our Tal­ent Aquis­i­tion Coach Juan: +358 40 757 6979.

About the company

Qvik has a strong back­ground in design­ing & devel­op­ing mobile ser­vices for our cus­tom­ers – but we haven’t stopped there. Today we offer full digit­al solu­tions with robust and scal­able cloud backends.

We hire people who want to do more than just code and design. Qvikies lead, sup­port and make an impact.

Our office is loc­ated in the heart of Hel­sinki in Kamppi shop­ping cen­ter office spaces.

We offer our low hier­archy cul­ture; oppor­tun­it­ies to try, fail and suc­ceed; as well as a chance for you to con­cen­trate on your actu­al work. That’s what you would come here for, right?

Our bene­fits pack­age is also pretty nice with flex­ible work­ing hours, the work equip­ment of your choice; lunch coupons; com­muter, cul­ture and sports bene­fits; occu­pa­tion­al health care with extra insur­ance; com­pany-paid mas­sage; and many sports and hobby pos­sib­il­it­ies with oth­er Qvikies.

In addi­tion to many work-related guilds and oth­er devel­op­ment oppor­tun­it­ies, we arrange a lot of intern­al and extern­al get-togeth­ers and events through­out the year, in Fin­land and abroad.

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