Java Full-Stack Developer

Are you look­ing for a role that will give you con­tinu­ous tech­nic­al chal­lenges? Maybe in a com­pany that is on the brink of explos­ive growth? If so, look no fur­ther!

We at Ser­vice-Flow are exactly that – a high-tech product com­pany with our sights set on scal­ing up fast. We’ve been work­ing on our product since 2012 and have been cus­tom­er-fun­ded until now. Earli­er this year we closed a big fund­ing round and rebranded our product as ONEiO, which means we can scale up like nev­er before.

We cur­rently have around five mil­lion tick­ets going through our sys­tem on a monthly basis, and that num­ber is grow­ing rap­idly. To enable this growth, we’re now look­ing for tal­en­ted developers to join our pas­sion­ate team of developers!


Your daily work will revolve around hands-on devel­op­ment of our ONEiO plat­form. To thrive in this role, you:

  • Are pas­sion­ate about the Java eco­sys­tem (spe­cific­ally Spring)
  • Enjoy hands-on devel­op­ment work
  • Are ready to push your­self to stay on the cut­ting edge of tech­no­logy
  • Like to work fol­low­ing a CI/CD meth­od­o­logy
  • Are inter­ested in work­ing in a mul­tina­tion­al team with an Eng­lish-speak­ing envir­on­ment

What we're looking for

We’re look­ing for someone who:

  • Has a strong track record from work­ing with the Java eco­sys­tem
  • Shares our thought that every­one should do their own test­ing (and are pro­fi­cient enough with tools like JUnit and Asser­tJ)
  • Wants to con­tin­ue work­ing as a hands-on developer

On top of the min­im­um require­ments above, here are some skills that are con­sidered a big plus:

  • Angu­lar 6
  • Mon­goDB
  • Mes­saging ser­vices (Rab­bit­MQ)
  • Microservices archi­tec­ture
  • AWS

And lastly, here are a few buzzwords that are an addi­tion­al bonus:

  • Kot­lin
  • DevOps/ChatOps
  • JavaS­cript or Python script­ing
  • Dock­er, Jen­kins, Kuber­netes

What we can offer

  • We’re going to be scal­ing up a lot in the near future, so you’re going to have a chance to devel­op your­self pro­fes­sion­ally in the dir­ec­tion you want – there will be plenty of room to take own­er­ship and spe­cial­ize
  • We are a flex­ible organ­iz­a­tion with low hier­archy and bur­eau­cracy
  • A sup­port­ive team that tackles chal­lenges togeth­er – there are no lone cow­boys here
  • Our product oper­ates glob­ally and is on 24/7. This means we need to have the best tech­no­logy solu­tions avail­able, and devel­op them con­tinu­ously
  • We’ve been work­ing in the cloud and with microservices archi­tec­ture from the begin­ning, with the sole pur­pose of being able to scale up – now is the time to join the team and grow togeth­er with us!


Inter­ested in join­ing us? Send in your applic­a­tion (just a few clicks is all it takes), and let’s start talk­ing! If you have any ques­tions about the role, you can con­tact our Tal­ent Acquis­i­tion Part­ner Saku Ruus by email at or phone at +358 50 430 7403.

About the company

Ser­vice-Flow was foun­ded in 2011, with a mis­sion to dis­rupt the integ­ra­tions space and accel­er­ate digit­al­isa­tion in com­pan­ies. Our sys­tem is an integ­ra­tion hub for ser­vice man­age­ment, the first of its kind in the world.

Based in Hel­sinki, Fin­land, our cur­rent cli­ent base con­sists of over 50 com­pan­ies in Europe, and part­ners around the globe. We have a sales office in the UK, and a grow­ing digit­al pres­ence in Europe.

Our cli­ents include VR (the Finnish nation­al rail­way ser­vice), CGI (one of the world’s largest IT and busi­ness pro­cess ser­vices pro­viders) and If (the largest insur­ance com­pany in the Nor­dics). These are just some of the great com­pan­ies we’re work­ing with!

ONEiO by Ser­vice-Flow is not only a cool product but also a super cool place to work – what really makes us a team is our pas­sion and “punk” atti­tude towards the status quo!

To find out more about Ser­vice-Flow, you can vis­it our web­site at

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