Senior Frontend Developer / Co-Founder

We at Pos­it­ive CV, have pion­eered a highly pop­u­lar, award win­ning ped­ago­gic­al approach to teach­ing and assess­ing 21st cen­tury skills backed by sci­entif­ic research which is now being developed into a scal­able digit­al ser­vice for inter­na­tion­al mar­kets. The unique approach was awar­ded shared 1st place in the Ratkaisu100 com­pet­i­tion along with prize of €500.000 and is based on pub­lished, sci­entif­ic research, years of edu­ca­tion­al prac­tice and a best selling book “Huo­maa Hyvä” which has sold over 30.000 units. We are a mis­sion-driv­en com­pany mak­ing a pos­it­ive impact in the world by help­ing chil­dren and adults devel­op soft skills thru pos­it­ive psy­cho­logy and want you to join in on that jour­ney.

We’re now look­ing for a Seni­or Fron­tend Developer to join our team in Hel­sinki as a Co-Founder. You’ll take own­er­ship of user inter­face and fron­tend decisions, work­ing closely with our CTO/Senior Full­stack Developer and UX/UI Design­er of the new digit­al solu­tion of Pos­it­ive CV ser­vice. You’ll also work dir­ectly with our pilot cus­tom­ers ran­ging from school chil­dren to teach­ers to heads of schools and to par­ents across mul­tiple inter­na­tion­al mar­kets to design a ser­vice that can elev­ate and improve their daily lives.

We hope you have exper­i­ence in mod­ern fron­tend tech­no­lo­gies and tools and in-depth under­stand­ing of web devel­op­ment. We’re not tech­no­logy picky but it helps if you have exper­i­ence in either ReactJS, VueJS or Angu­larJS. Our tech stack includes ReactJS, Go, Redis, Post­gr­eSQL, REST API and more. If backend tech­no­lo­gies are famil­i­ar to you, you’re wel­come to jump on that side too if you want.

As a Co-Founder you have the drive and abil­ity to devel­op pion­eer­ing ser­vice for inter­na­tion­al edutech mar­kets. Hope­fully you have exper­i­ence in cus­tom­er-driv­en pro­jects and are eager to join us for this ride! You’ll get to be part of build­ing some­thing com­pletely new, devel­op­ing a tool that has a true pur­pose.

For fur­ther details and/or applic­a­tions, please reach out to bea(at) and take a peek inside:


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