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Revo­lu­tion­iz­ing tal­ent acquis­i­tion one organ­iz­a­tion at a time,

and hav­ing fun every step of the way!

Find Tal­entIT-rekrytoija 2.0. — koulu­tus

Enabling Talent-Driven Change in Organizations.

One-of-a-kind organ­iz­a­tions deserve one-of-a-kind tal­ent acquis­i­tion solu­tions. To thrive in an increas­ingly com­pet­it­ive employ­ment mar­ket, you need to be tal­ent-driv­en!

Our mis­sion is to help you real­ize your organization’s poten­tial in the job mar­ket and, with con­crete steps, devel­op your com­pany from a “tal­ent-chooser” to a “tal­ent-driv­en” organ­iz­a­tion.

We’ll find you the right can­did­ates in the IT and Digit­al industry while strength­en­ing your own recruit­ment cap­ab­il­it­ies with our diverse train­ing port­fo­lio and con­sultat­ive tal­ent man­age­ment ser­vices.

We focus on

1. Find­ing you the best pro­fes­sion­als in the IT and Digit­al industry. Yes, we talk tech!

2. Tal­ent Man­age­ment Con­sult­ing. We assist you to mod­ern­ize and stream­line your tal­ent man­age­ment and recruit­ment prac­tices to bet­ter serve your busi­ness needs. Pro­cesses, tools, recruit­ment mar­ket­ing… you name it.

3. Train­ing your in-house recruit­ment cap­ab­il­it­ies. We arrange train­ing on stra­tegic tal­ent man­age­ment, the exec­ut­ive search approach, and IT recruit­ment!

Why Finders Seekers?

  • Exper­i­enced in the exec­ut­ive search meth­od­o­logy and recruit­ment pro­cess devel­op­ment from star­tups to cor­por­a­tions
  • We know what IT pro­fes­sion­als actu­ally want to learn about your organ­iz­a­tion
  • We are eager to share our insight about recruit­ment trends and the IT job mar­ket
  • We have the best tools at hand
  • Great rela­tion­ships with third-party recruit­ment ser­vice and tool pro­viders
  • A strong net­work of IT pro­fes­sion­als both in Fin­land and inter­na­tion­al mar­kets
  • We love our job and it shows in our work!

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Anna Schoonover, Ruler of Recruitment

Hello world! I’m a semi-fresh twin-mama and I love ‘two for the price of one’ -deals. I guess I love deals in gen­er­al. Offer­illa, you are wel­come for the free advert­ise­ment. Effi­ciency is a key in describ­ing my atti­tude to life. My mis­sion is to increase work…

5 steps to a contract

Find­ers Seekers recruit­ment pro­cess Every recruit­ment pro­cess is slightly dif­fer­ent, but in a typ­ic­al case the stages for you as a soft­ware developer would look like this: 1. You find one of our open pos­i­tions inter­est­ing and con­tact us – altern­at­ively, we find you…

IT Recruitment — expectations versus reality

As a juni­or IT recruit­er, I have star­ted to break some of the myths or expect­a­tions that I had about my work when I star­ted. Here are three things that are not as one can ima­gine when start­ing in this field:  1. EXPECTATION: A recruit­ment part­ner acts as a mere vendor…